Our new “Time off” policy for an inclusive workplace

July 9, 2024


Creating an inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace isn't just the right thing to do – it also helps organizations and their employees thrive. This approach is increasingly relevant as societal norms evolve – a recent global survey finds that 9% of adults identify as LGBTQ+,  highlighting the growing need for policies that reflect this diversity. 

While strides have been made in promoting racial and gender diversity, companies have often overlooked the experiences of LGBTQ+ employees. At Nord Security, we addressed this gap and upgraded our "Time Off" policy, offering benefits that go beyond the binary approach.

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Karina Dajoraitė-Dirvonskienė, Chief People Officer at Nord Security

Curious about what they are? Karina Dajoraitė-Dirvonskienė, our Chief People Officer, is here to explain. Read her insights and discover more about an inclusive workplace and the positive changes it brings. 

Our inclusive "Time off" policy

Seeing the global growth in LGBTQ+ identification, we realized that many organizations still fall short in fostering inclusion. One example is the persistent barriers the LGBTQ+ community faces in accessing family-related leave benefits. This is mainly because not all countries and their legal systems acknowledge LGBTQ+ relationships or parental rights, meaning that employees typically need to use their annual leave for significant life moments. Such inequity is one of the many reasons leading to lower LGBTQ+ employee satisfaction at work and often resulting in resignations.

As "future shapers," we recognize that innovation isn't just about technology – it's also about many things, including adaptability to evolving society. So this June, we enhanced our "Time off" policy, ensuring family-related leave is available to all Nord Security employees, regardless of their gender identity, marital status, and family setup.

This became possible because, at Nord Security, we broadened the definition of "family" to include partnerships alongside marriage, allowing our colleagues to take paid days off to celebrate love. 

We also acknowledged various paths to parenthood – childbirth, surrogacy, or adoption – ensuring every parent's right to paid days off for the arrival of a new family member regardless of their gender or family structure, including paternity/maternity leave, parental care days and child-related events, such as the school year start. 

Additionally, we updated the bereavement leave, providing paid days off to grief not only traditional next of kin but also family members, who are often a vital support network for our LGBTQ+ colleagues.

Family commitments are a priority for us. Thus, whenever a significant family matter arises, our company promptly grants time off, with colleagues seamlessly stepping in to cover. As team players, we aim that our counterparts can focus on life's significant moments without work-related worries.

The positive effect of inclusivity in the workplace

Embracing inclusivity in the workplace not only nurtures a supportive environment but also brings tangible benefits that extend from each individual to the entire organization. 

Source: Deloitte Global 2023 LGBT+ Inclusion @ Work Report

Source: Deloitte Global 2023 LGBT+ Inclusion @ Work Report

Why it matters to build an inclusive workplace

As Gen Z and millennials, who are increasingly identifying as LGBTQ+, make up a larger part of the workforce, it's crucial for organizations to prioritize fostering respect and equality for this community. At Nord Security, we are committed to this journey. We strive to cultivate diversity and inclusion through various internal initiatives, ensuring everyone is valued, heard, and respected, regardless of gender identity or orientation. Our forward-thinking “Time off” policy for LGBTQ+ colleagues, which set a new standard within the tech industry, is just one step in the right direction. However, there's still much work to be done, and we're on track to create a workplace where they can reach their full potential while expressing their authentic selves.