What is Nord Security?

Our passion

We want one thing only — to give true online privacy and security to as many people as we can. Nord Security was born as a passion project, and our drive is reflected in our work, which has earned high praise from major tech outlets and cybersec experts.

Our history

The founders of Nord Security were childhood friends that had grown weary of internet censorship and surveillance. In 2012, they resolved to pool their resources and build an effective online privacy tool.

That tool eventually became NordVPN, named to reflect the Nordic ideals of confidence, trust, and innovation. NordVPN received rave reviews from both tech outlets and the public — it was smart, sleek, and secure. Over the years, our flagship product found its way to all major operating systems.

NordVPN’s success prompted us to start thinking about branching out into other cybersecurity areas. In 2018, we gave our users the tools to build their own custom VPN solutions with NordWL. Next year, we unveiled 3 hot new apps — NordPass for password management, NordLocker for file encryption, and NordLayer for business needs.

Today, the Nord Security family of products is used by over 15 million people. NordVPN holds the title of the world’s fastest VPN, while NordPass and NordLocker are fast gaining recognition among the tech crowd. Over less than a decade, we have grown from 4 friends to hundreds of cybersec experts — and we don’t plan on stopping.











Modest start — NordVPN has no app, just a Windows config.

Thunder, lightning, app. 1K Windows users sign up!

Exponential growth: 10K users. Ergo: 24/7 support.

iOS & macOS. Data retention law draws Aussies to VPN.

Emergency VPN for Uganda. 550 servers. Android app.

Lightweight browser extensions for Chrome & Firefox.

8M users. No-log audit. Android TV & Linux — finally!

3 new products: NordPass, NordLocker, NordLayer.

Speed greatly boosted by a next-gen solution — NordLynx.

Taking the industry to the next level.

Annual reports

Nord Security year in review 2020

February 12, 2021

NordVPN year in review 2019

February 7, 2020

NordVPN year in review 2018

January 25, 2019

Our values

Serve through technology

Technology should serve people, not the other way around. We build tools to make you feel safe and free on the internet.

Treasure trust

Your trust means the world to us. Respect for our users’ data is ingrained in every process at Nord Security.

Focus on what's real

Technology brings danger as well as progress. We aim to make security accessible to people who don’t really do technology.

Put privacy first

Your privacy is king. We design privacy and security solutions with zero-knowledge infrastructure, so your details are safe with us.

Our products

nordvpn default

The fastest VPN and the most trusted online security solution on the planet. NordVPN protects your internet traffic with next-generation encryption, being the preferred tool of activists and privacy-conscious individuals around the globe.

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nordlayer header logo

An adaptive network access security solution for modern businesses — from the world’s most trusted cybersecurity brand, Nord Security. We help organizations of all sizes to fulfill scaling and integration challenges when building a modern secure remote access solution, within an ever-evolving SASE framework.

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nordpass default

A password manager designed with the user in mind, from simplicity to security. Built with zero-knowledge architecture, NordPass lets you safely access passwords, notes, and even credit card information anywhere, at any time.

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nordlocker default

Our powerful end-to-end encryption tool comes with its own cloud storage. Once secured with zero-knowledge AES-256 encryption, your files can be safely stored anywhere or shared with anyone — only you hold the keys to open them.

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The definitive collection of tools, know-how, and infrastructure for businesses that want to build their own VPN products. We provide carefully developed SDKs, flexible client and platform APIs, and browser extensions, all tailored to your brand’s needs.

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