Making a mark in tech: Why Backend pros thrive in cybersecurity

Milda Jokubaitė

January 19, 2024


smiling, bearded engineer wearing a black hoodie and glasses

Tomas Vaškevičius, Backend Engineer at Nord Security

1. Challenging yet rewarding projects

Since starting my journey as a Backend Engineer at Nord Security, I've been part of many thrilling projects. While there are numerous to talk about, I’d like to focus on a couple of examples where I feel I made a significant impact on the organization.

  • Building the product from the ground up

As a natural problem-solver, my decision to join Nord Security as a Backend Engineer was driven by the opportunity to lead the backend development for one of the company's products. The sense of ownership and excitement in building something almost from scratch were deeply motivating. This included the chance to implement features I believed in and the responsibility of forming my own team.

  • Projects that push boundaries

Engaging with projects that continually challenge and advance my expertise is another thing I love about my role. A standout example was developing a biometric login system. My team introduced this login approach alongside the traditional master password login to enhance security. This required a shift from object-oriented programming to domain-driven design and mastering the Symfony messenger component. We built this system from zero and later shared our insights with other teams within Nord Security.

Another significant challenge was the implementation of the OpenTelemetry protocol into our products. My introduction to this technology came during an API conference that I attended together with another colleague from Nord Security. Recognizing its potential, we brainstormed ways to integrate it into our processes. We successfully implemented it across several services, revealing its immense value. OpenTelemetry allowed us to trace a service’s journey from start to finish, pinpointing and swiftly addressing any user issues to ensure a seamless experience. Later on, we encouraged the entire Nord Security organization to this solution across various company products, enhancing overall service quality and user satisfaction.

2. Prepared, proactive, and collaborative community

A backend engineer’s job is challenging, especially in the cybersecurity field. When hiccups come, we convene a “war room” meeting. There, various experts from the team run a “think tank session” to analyze the issue, brainstorm, and strategize solutions collaboratively. We address the problem either directly in the “war room”, or we reach out for additional support from other teams. So, even in the most high-pressure situations, you're never alone.

3. Support for personal learning and growth

At Nord Security, I deeply appreciate the company's commitment to nurturing its people's growth. We have a dedicated Learning and Development team that is focused on our personal and professional growth. Thanks to them, I've participated in numerous trainings that have honed my leadership skills, time management abilities, Agile methodologies, effective meeting strategies, and more.

To develop our technical skills, we can participate in internal mentorship programs, attend online courses, or participate in various internal or external conferences. One of them is “Tech Days” – an internal event specifically for tech professionals. Here, we exchange insights about breakthroughs, solve complex problems, share work hacks, and discuss the latest tech trends.

Not only do these events offer a platform for knowledge exchange, but they also provide opportunities for individuals to present their ideas and fast-track their journey towards speaking at larger conferences. For instance, I was given the opportunity to speak at “We Are Developers”, one of the largest developer events in Germany, thanks to Nord Security’s encouragement. Without their support, I might not have had the confidence to take on such an exciting challenge, making it one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.

4. Attention to work-life balance

I really appreciate the flexibility we have here at Nord. Our hybrid setup allows us to spend three days in the office and the rest working from home. Moreover, the work-from-anywhere (WFA) option lets us work from places like Mexico, Bali, or even grandma’s summer house for a few days or weeks each year. This flexibility extends to our working hours too, making it simpler to manage personal commitments, such as dentist appointments or picking up kids from school.

Another aspect I love is the company’s focus on well-being. With the hours we spend in front of screens, having twice-a-week workouts at our offices in Kaunas and Vilnius, plus a full gym at our HQ, is awesome. Nord supports various sports groups, too – from running and volleyball to tennis. For example, I love basketball, and Nord covers the cost of renting a basketball court for our games. These activities really improve our work-life balance by saving us time and money, as well as improving our health and mood in general.

And let’s not forget the fun events, like themed quarterly parties and workations, where our huge and diverse team of over 1.5K employees gets to bond. These events are a big part of why we feel so valued and happy in our roles at Nord.

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All these reasons are why Backend Engineers excel at Nord Security.

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