From desk to Mediterranean: The Nord Security workation

Milda Jokubaitė

August 31, 2023


Just before the summer arrived, more than 1,100 colleagues from Nord Security switched up their regular work environment for a refreshing new destination – the Turquoise Coast of southern Turkey. This was the largest organized workation abroad in the history of Lithuania's companies.

A year-long project

Workation has long been one of the most cherished perks at Nord Security. Starting in 2014, we've had six in total, spanning destinations like Lithuania’s seaside Nida, Spain, and Turkey. While the pandemic interrupted our annual tradition, as soon as restrictions eased, we dove right into planning this year's retreat.

However, since our company's size doubled, organizing a group trip for over 1,100 people has become more challenging than ever. It took us a full year to pull it off.

  1. We started by selecting a travel company to manage a large-scale international group trip abroad.

  2. Then, we meticulously scouted various locations and planned logistics.

  3. Once we agreed on the exact date and hotel, we invited our colleagues to register for the group trip and promptly began organizing workation activities.

“We chose a Turkish hotel for our trip, located on the Mediterranean coast in the resort town of Kemer. Besides plenty of indoor and outdoor space, heated pools, and a variety of activities onsite, it provided fast internet for work, efficient staff, and, most importantly, enough rooms for all our people,” shares Karina Dirvonskienė, Chief People Officer at Nord Security.

1,100 people, 5 planes, and 24 buses

Our five-day journey to Kemer in Turkey marked a record for our company, as it included over 1,100 individuals from across the whole Nord Security organization.

Transporting our Lithuania-based team required five private flights, while colleagues from Germany, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Japan, and other countries arrived on commercial airlines. To shuttle everyone from the airport to the hotel and back, a fleet of 24 buses was needed.

It is worth mentioning that we secured the hotel for nearly two weeks and organized the trip in two waves: Nord Security led the first wave, followed by our colleagues from CyberCare, Surfshark, and other partner companies in the second. There were a total of 12 flights departing from Lithuania, facilitating a workation experience for over 2,400 individuals.

Activities during workation

In case you’re wondering, workation is a blend of the words "work" and "vacation". So, between brainstorming new product features poolside or planning next quarter's marketing strategies right under the palm trees, we were sure to go for a dip and get involved in fun leisure activities.

The workation days were dedicated to hiking in the surroundings of Kemer, visiting the ancient city of Thermessa and Koprulu National Park, and exploring the deep gorges and high cliffs of the Tazi Canyon. Another day was spent sailing the high seas of the Mediterranean.

A pivotal highlight of the workation was the traditional quarterly OKRs event. Hundreds of people gathered onsite to discuss the company's objectives and results, with a live stream ensuring those back home were in sync. This event was followed with performances by Lithuanian artists Justinas Jarutis and Beissoul & Einius.

Beyond these main events, we engaged in various other activities during downtime. Morning group workouts, guided by our Physical Well-Being Team, set the tone for the day. The "speed friending" sessions fostered connections between people from across different products and teams, while an interactive quiz put our collective knowledge about the company and colleagues to the test. And on the last night, we danced to the beats of Nord Security's DJs, unveiling some hidden talents within our ranks.

Finally, for those seeking an extra layer of adventure, excursions to the famous Suluada island, visits to the nearby Turkish baths, and city trips to Antalya took place. With so many activities on offer, this five-day trip ensured that everyone could tailor their own workation adventure.

Why workation?

At Nord Security, we believe in the power of live communication. With over 1,500 colleagues from 27 countries, much of our communication happens over a messaging app and virtual meetings. Therefore, to encourage more face-to-face interactions and deeper relationships, we embraced the idea of workation.

“By connecting beyond just work, people find it not only easier to resolve work issues but also quicker to reach an agreement. As common ground is found, tensions fade, making collaboration both simpler and more enjoyable,” highlights Karina Dirvonskienė, Chief People Officer at Nord Security.

Indeed, studies underscore the benefits – organizations with closely connected employees witness a 20-25% surge in productivity, driving enhanced organizational outcomes. Beyond mere productivity, workations also elevate employee motivation and well-being in general.

Join us

Our workation in Turkey wasn't merely an escape from the office. It was a meticulously planned, large-scale event that captured the very essence of what Nord Security stands for. With over 1,100 team members coming together from around the globe, we achieved more than just a change of scenery. We cultivated deeper relationships and strengthened a sense of belonging, propelling our goals forward. If this is what you seek in your career, explore the open positions at Nord Security below.