Top perks that attract employees at Nord Security - how do we grow our teams?

Emilija Jankauskė

August 19, 2021


While buns and parties are all fun and good, professionals right now are looking for more important things from their potential employers. In fact, just focusing on perks like snacks and budgets for events may not cut it in the current market of growing expectations. Therefore, we talked with our Head of Talent Acquisition, Lauryna Girėnienė, about the most attractive perks for employees and how we managed to sustain our growth rate in this competitive market.

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What matters for people at Nord Security

So, first of all, could you tell us more about the benefits package at Nord Security? How big is it? What it entails?

We have a pretty extensive benefits package at Nord Security. As a company, we value our people because they're the ones that make all the incredible things happen around here. So based on their expectations, we created a perks package split into these main sections:

  1. Health - since the number one priority to everyone. It includes private health insurance, mental health opportunities (various apps, private consultations, etc.), an onsite physical wellbeing team that helps with physical activities, trauma's from sedentary life, etc.

  2. Professional and personal growth - we provide anything to reach your full potential. Meaning hosting external/internal knowledge-sharing events, opportunities to learn from an expert team, providing online trainings, opportunities to go to conferences, an extensive library, etc.

  3. Comfort - flexible working hours, all and any tools provided for work, access to Nord Security products for personal and family use, WFA, etc.

Which would you say are the most attractive for potential and current employees?

Well, first of all, I'd say the most significant benefit is being a part of our mission - giving true online security and privacy to everyone who needs it. Cybersecurity is getting more and more global attention, and the need for our products is constantly growing. Therefore, our people see value and purpose in creating advanced solutions that actually matter, are used by millions of people worldwide, and that make a global impact. And if you asked why they joined our company - this would probably be the most popular reason.

Another thing - since we work in a fast-paced tech market where updates roll out every day, our people are highly professional and knowledge-hungry. So, the second motivator and benefit here is the opportunity to work with seasoned experts and professionals from all other the world.

Of course, there's also the fun part - parties, games, traditions, yet, as the job market becomes more and more competitive, every workplace has them. So over time, people started to focus on other less trivial things as these usually come as part of a deal.

Change of expectations

The primary motivators were salaries and position titles in the past, but now there's been a shift to other benefits like wellbeing, flexible hours, etc. Why do you think that happened?

Looking at the big picture - once startups made their appearance and most organizations shifted to flat structures, titles started losing their influence and attraction. Overall, people began to work more, do more, and experience more stress due to the fast-paced environment and expanding responsibilities. Not to mention the current situation with remote work being on and off. Basically, over time, employees become hostages of this fast-paced workstyle - they burn out, lose joy, and their personal relationships suffer. For that reason, employers who can take care of their wellbeing and provide flexibility usually are more popular among the candidates. They just want to be seen and treated as people, not only just as employees.

No benefits = no employees = no growth = no results. Do you agree with this? Why?

Every person perceives the word "benefits" differently. Some just like their work, and they'll perform regardless of the ice cream fridge being put in the office. So, I would disagree with this equation, yet, if you want to accomplish fast growth in your company, having a benefits package is a must since the job market is extremely competitive at the moment.

Who makes up this package, and can anyone in the company contribute to it?

We've compiled our benefits package based on the replies to a survey we performed at the company. So, technically, it directly reflects the needs and wants of our team.

Hybrid work and relocation

Not that long ago, you guys started working using a hybrid work system. Did you notice any changes in employees' results or behavior?

Actually, we've noticed that most of the employees perceived this change positively. After working remotely for months, people missed human connections and just working in the office together with their teams. Therefore, being able to switch between home and the office brought everyone an opportunity to get back to their usual routine. Also, working for a few days from a different location brings a change of scenery which I think was desired by many. Ultimately, most people have already used this opportunity at one time or another.

Another exciting benefit on your list - relocation. Could you elaborate more about that and what it includes?

Since we're a global company, our team is extremely diverse. Attracting new talent to Lithuania is also one of our missions :) We want all the new members to feel safe and comfortable coming to a new country. Therefore, we help with all the documentation for the employees and their families, housing, and travel expenses. Our goal is to make sure that their first few months in Lithuania are as smooth as possible. And since we have an office in Berlin, relocation is also available there.

Most-liked perks and future plans

What benefits in your company have been welcomed the warmest?

Actually, additional private health insurance was probably the most raved about in the company. Our people genuinely prioritize their health and wellbeing as they should.

Which benefit motivates your team members the most, and how often do they take advantage of it?

Well, first of all - everyone here uses Nord Security products. It's kind of a given since we're the ones that make them. People also order books for the library and participate in various learning opportunities. Another often used benefit is physical wellbeing team workouts and consultations. And, of course, team buildings never get skipped around here.

What are your personal favorites on the list? Why?

To be honest, I'm a true geek and love learning a lot. So to have this many opportunities to better myself is extremely attractive to me. However, I'm not going to lie here - that ice cream fridge is also one of my favorite things around here.

And regarding the future, any plans to expand this list? Can you give a little teaser, maybe? :)

Well, for this firstly we're looking to our people and then to the market situation and adjust accordingly. So, it's extremely likely that the list is going to change in the future.

Perks at Nord Security: