The secret of high-performing teams: team-building activities to try in 2022

Milda Jokubaitė

December 22, 2021


Teams are the core of our organization, where like-minded people work hand-in-hand, building a full ecosystem of cybersecurity products. However, good team relationships and communication skills are crucial to reaching our goals. Over the years, we found that quality and regular team-buildings and time together are some of the top methods to foster team connections. They offer a much-needed break from the daily tasks, creating a setting to celebrate achievements and the people behind them. In this blog, you'll find an ultimate list of effective and original team-building ideas from our teams at Nord Security to try in the coming year.

5 women pose with cups in front of a festive nord security sign

# 1 Food and chat

group of people sitting at a restaurant dinner table, smiling and posing

One of the most time-tested team-building activities is having a scrumptious meal with your teammates. It's actually a perfect choice if you have newcomers in your ranks and you're looking to find common ground for bonding. After all, most people like to eat, so usually, there's little to no objection to picking this activity: plenty of time for conversation, no rushing, topped with a delicious experience. And if you'd like a little bit more entertainment - consider food or drink tasting:

"We had a very engaging wine tasting experience with a wine expert, who taught us about different types of wine, their stories, shared recommendations of matching the wines with particular dishes. He also pointed out the key points of wine serving etiquette. It's a fantastic idea for team-building 'cause it provides a common topic to talk about and brings you closer together through shared tasting experiences." (Gabrielė Gutauskaitė, Brand Manager, NordPass)

And if you can't meet in person - you may always gather your team for a remote cooking or cocktail experience. It can also be just a casual get-together with cameras on and a food delivery to your doorstep. No matter what you choose - this activity is all about communication, so grab your teammates and have a relaxing, tasty evening together.

Gourmet activities we recommend: tasting dinner, guided food or drink tasting event, cooking or cocktail mixing parties, dinner with magic tricks, dinner in the dark, picnic, game dinner, etc.

Best matched for teams that:

  • Are newly-formed.

  • Have newcomers.

  • Short on time.

  • Have different personalities with no common ground.

  • Have little time for communication.

# 2 SPA getaway

large group of people waving from a grassy field

After companies started to work remotely, many people felt disconnected from their colleagues. It became more challenging to maintain functioning team relationships. Overall, people were stuck in the same surroundings, unable to separate work from home, resulting in eventual burnouts. So after the situation improved, many of our teams ventured on so-called SPA getaways. It helped us unwind, recover and improve our emotional state as one team.

"It was a great experience to have a SPA day with our team. We had a special time with relaxing treatments, a nice environment, and great food. We spent some quality time talking about our personal lives and forgot work responsibilities for just a little bit. The whole experience proved that we are not only colleagues but also good friends." (Anelė Raudytė-Petrauskė, Product Owner, NordPass)

It is important to note that such SPA getaways are also a great choice for a mini workation if you have travel restrictions in your country. Many SPA's now offer offices for workers and work retreats that help change the environment and get some relaxed time with your colleagues.

SPA activities we recommend: team SPA day with group treatments, pool and sauna time, SPA workation, remote home SPA with face-masks, cameras, and drinks.

Best matched for teams that:

  • Want to unwind after a stressful period.

  • Have not seen each other for a while.

  • Like relaxing activities.

  • Looking for a full-day activity.

  • Want to get out from work and home environment.

# 3 Helping others

woman smiles at a curious sheep through a fence

At Nord Security, our goal is to give true online privacy and security to as many people as we can. That includes people who are facing oppression and heavy internet restrictions. We provide free emergency VPN assistance to human rights activists, journalists, non-profit organizations, and refugees living and working under extensive online censorship or surveillance. And we're extremely pleased that this socially responsible mindset is also reflected in our teams' actions. One of the great examples is the recent choice of one of our teams to donate their team-building money to an animal shelter and do some voluntary work there.

"We decided to use our team-building budget to buy what animal shelters needed most: food, medicine, veterinarian treatment services, etc. Moreover, we spent a whole day volunteering and helping feed and walk dogs living in an animal shelter. It was an enjoyable and rewarding experience that brought us closer together and left us with lasting memories and a desire to do it all again." (Paulius Ilevičius, Copywriter, NordVPN)

It's a great choice if your team believes in a common cause - it'll strengthen your bond and be a more rewarding experience than any other alternative.

Helping activities we recommend: volunteering in day-care centers or senior homes, spending a day at a helpline by providing anonymous help over the phone or online for the elderly, children, and adolescents, running clean-up initiatives, fund-raising activities, and more.

Best matched for teams that:

  • Aim to make a difference by helping others.

  • Want to boost trust and leadership skills.

  • Looking to form a deeper connection through meaningful activities.

# 4 Creativity boosters

3 surgical mask-wearing women showcase artworks

Our company is full of innovation-driven people who work hard to develop advanced tech products. That's why one of the top activities at Nord is those that ignite creativity. This type of entertainment allows you to have a glimpse into your colleague's imagination, discover unexpected traits and even work up a healthy competition. You may choose anything from pottery classes, drawing with sand, painting, or even learning magic tricks.

"We took a painting class where our task was to copy the painting we chose. Besides tea, wine, and cake in the studio, we had a professional artist together with us who guided us step by step until our paintings were finished. There were a lot of good things about this team building: acrylic paint not only on canvas, but also on hands, faces, and clothes, all spectrum of emotions - from surprise how differently the team members see the same road, to even anger on why the result on paper looks different from the original. If you want to find something that you didn't believe exists inside you if you want to see new facets of your colleagues that could never be revealed at the desk in the office, if you want to feel that YOU CAN do it, we definitely recommend this team building activity to you." (Jurga Verikienė, Head of Research, Nord Security)

The downside of these activities could be that there's not much opportunity for direct communication, so make sure to organize a short get-together with drinks or coffee afterward.

Creativity boosters we recommend: painting, writing, pottery classes, magic tricks sessions, hackathons, candle or perfume-making workshops. Most of these activities can also be organized online.

Best matched for teams that:

  • Have to be creative in their tasks.

  • Want to try something new.

  • Better suited for teams with no newcomers.

  • Looking for something to increase their focus.

# 5 Boredom chasers

go-karting scene

Our team is truly fast-paced - new technologies and advancements emerge every day, and we constantly have to be ready to move forward. Therefore active and even extreme team-buildings are one of the most popular here. They let teams forget about their tasks and focus their attention on more urgent concerns. It could also prove to be a great character-discovering opportunity. These team-buildings usually test people's abilities and how they manage certain situations like speed-driving or tree-climbing. So if your team has a more active vibe, this could prove a perfect choice for you.

"An engaging karting activity was a one-of-the-kind experience where we bond and have fun racing separately and as a team. Surely no one was bored, and everyone had a story to share about their best lap or cutting off one of their colleagues. And most importantly, it created a happy atmosphere and the topic to discuss the following days at the office." (Raminta Šlepikaitė, Communications Manager, NordPass)

Boredom chasing activities we recommend: paintball, buggy or kart racing, escape rooms, bungee jumping, plate smashing sessions, tree climbing, wall climbing, canoeing, sailing, and more.

Best matched for teams that:

  • Are fast-paced.

  • Want to try something new.

  • Have newcomers.

  • Want to relieve stress.


Studies show that happy teams are more efficient and productive, and one of the best ways to achieve this is through team-building activities. Not to mention that it also helps to build deeper connections between coworkers, a better understanding of each other, and brings a lot of fun for everyone involved. So, no matter what kind of a team-building activity you'll decide to go with, it will definitely help you skyrocket your company culture, employee engagement, and motivation.