5 key business apps for startup success in 2023

Jolanta Lenkevičiūtė

May 3, 2023


Starting a business is in itself a daunting task, but keeping it successful on top of that requires immense effort and skill. A tight budget and so many choices when it comes to managing said business can take a toll on any startup. Moreover, a huge part of maintaining that success is having the right tools.

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Nowadays, enterprise applications and software play a vital role when it comes to having a flourishing business as they help keep organizational and scaling headaches to a minimum. From office management to cybersecurity solutions, we’ve compiled a list of apps that will take your startup to the next level!

Flanco – for your office and property management

Flanco introduces itself as “the future of workspace” – and for good reason! It’s an office app that helps manage desk space and workplace resources. Need to easily book a desk or meeting room? Flanco has got you covered. Need to know which meeting rooms are booked in real time? Flanco comes to the rescue once again. Not to mention that the app itself has an intuitive interface and is fairly simple to use. For startups, it’s an all-in-one property manager. Effortlessly manage assets, accounting, vendor contracts, parking – Flanco has it all.

Slack – for your organizational communications

Slack is definitely king when it comes to communicating with the team, and doing so quickly and efficiently. A rock-solid communication platform will always be a crucial cog in the successful startup, especially when so many things are discussed on the go. Message people directly, create project-focused channels, or break into smaller chats to share key information with relevant stakeholders. Slack has searchable history and numerous app integrations that just make the job easier. In addition, you can set up reminders, add team members in the middle of conversations to keep them in the loop, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this app.

NordLayer – for your business privacy and security

Business cybersecurity is a must, period. In this day and age, when it comes to protecting your assets, customers, and team, there can be no shortcuts. Having your business fortified is essential – and NordLayer does just that and more. A robust network access security tool, it has numerous useful features like shared gateways for employees, DNS filtering, and other tricks to keep you secure. NordLayer will ensure that your company’s resources are protected and employees can securely access their work from anywhere. Furthermore, it offers a centralized control panel for convenient payment, features, and user management. Already have an existing company infrastructure? No worries, NordLayer can be easily integrated into Azure, Google Workspace, AWS and more.

Notion – for your docs and project management

Project management is no easy task, especially when there are multiple projects, deadlines and stakeholders involved. Want to keep track of the status of your project? Need to know what’s already been done? Notion is the tool you need. It’s useful for keeping tasks in order, and having workflows, docs, and guidelines in one place. You can create your own Wiki, and Notion even helps with building roadmaps and planning sprints. It’s a great tool for a neat and uncomplicated visual workflow in general. Another excellent feature is the ability to integrate it with Jira, Slack, Google Drive, and other apps for a truly seamless workflow.

Hootsuite – for your social media management

Let’s face it, competition is everywhere. If you’re running a business, social media is a tried-and-trusted approach to being seen, heard, and having a place under the sun. Social media is important for numerous reasons – increasing brand awareness, receiving direct feedback, customer engagement, and posting relevant content. However, managing multiple social media accounts can be a bit of a hassle. This is where Hootsuite comes in. This tool helps to schedule and publish content, monitor trends, and understand your audience. Everything can be done from a single handy dashboard, saving you precious time and resources.

Just the tip of the iceberg

This apps list for startups only scratches the surface of the myriad of possibilities out there. Depending on the category and profile of your business, there are dozens if not hundreds of apps and tools that could help you raise and maintain a successful business. These are just a few of what we think would be a good base to start out with, as they cover the most fundamental of needs. As mentioned previously, having the right tools can immensely help to stay on track, meet your goals, and simply be better organized – this is what tools are made for!

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5 business apps for startup success in 2023