1-on-1 with Go Developer

Emilija Jankauskė

April 29, 2021

In this 1-on-1, we got together with one of the Go Developers at Nord Security, Domas Tamašauskas, to get an insider’s view of what it’s actually like to be a part of the Nord team. He spared no details and told us all about his motivations to join Nord Security, the rewards and challenges of his position, amazing team, and how he tried to survive in Asia without using English once.

What do you do at Nord Security?

At Nord Security, I work with one of our products -  NordVPN, the fastest VPN on the planet. I am responsible for developing the Linux version of our product together with my fellow system engineers. And to achieve the quality of our product, we mostly work with Go language, with occasional C/C++ and Rust.

What is the greatest thing about your job?

Personally, I love that Linux is the most flexible operating system in the history of computing, and I get to do all sorts of things with it - including programming and more. The biggest challenge is the vast amount of knowledge one has to accumulate in order to do all the crazy stuff we do with it at Nord Security. However, we have an awesome team of experts, so I trust my team to back me up no matter what. 

Why did you choose to join Nord Security?

My primary motivation was the programming language - Go. I wanted to switch and start working with it - at the time, Nord Security was one of the few companies that offered this opportunity as it’s a relatively new language.  

Top 3 favourite things about working here?

Well, first and foremost, I’m able to use Linux on my laptop. In all of my previous jobs, I never had this choice, and as I work with Linux - it’s rather important to me. 

 Secondly, if I’m interested in some new technology, someone in my team most likely knows about it, and I can just ask them directly. It’s how I have discovered the Zig programming language.

Thirdly, we’re allowed and even encouraged to learn and use Rust at work, which is amazing - I can always feel like I’m developing my skills at work without taking additional training time. 

What skills are necessary to get your job?

Main thing is to pick an operating system that interests you, and learn C/C++, Rust, or Go. It doesn’t really matter which language or operating system you choose as long as you’re willing to dig deep when there’s a need.

To wrap up - any hobbies when not coding?

Actually, I love learning all types of languages and putting them to practice. At some point, I had to stop myself from learning new ones and focus on improving my knowledge in those I have already known. Some of the languages I have acquired over the years are Python, Go, Rust, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Before Pandemic, I used to frequently travel to Asia and put my skills to the test.