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The administration department provides valuable day-to-day services that keep our organization's work processes running smoothly and efficiently. Together, we oversee every administrative aspect, from top to bottom.

2 open positions


The backend department uses modern and innovative technologies to create our world-leading cybersecurity products. We have squads that work towards different goals, but we are mainly known as driven professionals writing quality code.

17 open positions

Business Support & Operations

The business support and operations department works towards increasing real-time sales and operational efficiency beyond services and product management. Its goal is to increase the productivity and revenue of the organization.

4 open positions

Data, Research & Insights

The data, research, and insights department possesses a growth mindset based on insightful data. We enjoy performing statistical analyses with Looker, B Query, Google Analytics, and Tableau to conclude product or customer experience improvement.

2 open positions

Desktop applications

The desktop applications department is a collaborative team of passionate backend engineers focused on what can be done instead of what's been done. We build on each other's ideas to solve complex problems by using C#, .NET, SWIFT, Linux, and macOS technologies.

4 open positions

Engineering Leadership

To achieve a long-term technical strategy with a good direction, the engineering leadership department collaborates with other departments on legal, financial, and other matters. We are a group of experts renowned for taking calculated risks that lead to breakthroughs and knowledge-sharing within the community.

1 open position


Our finance team is responsible for developing, coordinating, and monitoring a consistent financial control framework to maximize business efficiency. We are a team of analytical thinkers and consistent communicators with a hands-on approach to problem-solving.

7 open positions


The frontend team is in charge of making sure that the visual elements of a website or mobile app are functional. To create an exceptional user experience, we think from the client's perspective and incorporate UI/UX design. Our expertise helps us come up with world-leading solutions.

8 open positions

Human Resources

The human resources department resolves all matters connected to the employee life cycle, from onboarding to off-boarding. Together, we have the power to build teams based on our values.

1 open position


The infrastructure department is responsible for influencing and tracking change, providing frontline support, and delivering software-defined solutions.

12 open positions


The marketing department aims to encourage the world to be as enthusiastic about our products as we are. We have more than twenty different teams with specific areas of focus. Our teams are sharp, highly skilled, and data-driven, focusing on customer acquisition and monetization initiatives.

20 open positions


The mobile department believes in constant improvement and innovation, so it takes the initiative to refine all products at every stage. We’re actively involved in all phases of development with other teams to obtain the best outcomes – from the simplest UI elements to innovative features.

17 open positions


The Payments department has the responsibility of ensuring that users can utilize their preferred payment method when making purchases. Our coverage for payments and fraud management is global, and our objective is to optimize it to the fullest extent possible.

1 open position

Personal/Executive Assistant Team

1 open position

Product Design

The product design department oversees the entire product development process or upgrades the existing product designs. By identifying and characterizing the issues, we design solutions scaling from technical to human-centered methods.

3 open positions

Quality Assurance

The QA department ensures our software products are of the highest quality and efficiency. We are a dedicated team of inspectors who carry out audits to validate quality criteria for customers, management, certifiers, and other stakeholders.

6 open positions


The risk department controls everything risk-related, including secure information and applications. We collaborate to develop scripts and security automation tools to enhance application security testing processes, perform application security scans using SAST/DAST tools, ensure that mobile/desktop applications are sufficiently tested, and assist with internal and external audits.

5 open positions


The sales department generates revenue and powers our organization forward. We keep up with the latest sales trends and technology, incorporate them into our daily work, and keep in touch with each other for better results.

11 open positions

Threat Protection

The threat protection department is responsible for all of the cybersecurity features inside our products to secure our users from malicious actions and ensure customer privacy. To achieve the desired security goals, we are sharp and base our attitude on high ethical standards and integrity.

4 open positions