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The Backend department uses modern and innovative technologies to create our core applications. They work in Squads and Gilds with different goals, e.g., having an optimized cloud for data storage, building new application features, or dealing with complex issues to create unique solutions. Starting with PHP (Symfony, Slim), Golang, Docker, RabbitMQ, Redis, and Git, our teams use a variety of technology stacks.

31 open positions

Business Enablement department

There are two teams in the Business Enablement department: Finance Support Systems and Business Support Systems. They work on financial accounting and managerial support maintenance to keep our businesses running without a hitch.

1 open position


The Communications department works with internal and external comms. They execute brand marketing plans, align marketing campaigns with digital marketing strategy, take care of the brand image, and do other various activities to build an online reputation and increase social reach. Also, through content development and media attention, they recognize the value of explaining the organization's stance as part of employer branding.

18 open positions

Data, Research & Insights

The Data, Research & Insights department mainly measures markets, where the organization's products and services are provided to enable business growth. After gaining insightful data, they do various analyses that scale from new product development to its improvement. Tools they use primarily include Looker, B Query, Google Analytics, and Tableau.

5 open positions

Desktop applications

The Desktop Applications department is behind the product, making changes and following the results. They are passionate back end engineers, solving complex problems like Windows-specific networking innovations, military-grade data security challenges, driver development, management, etc. The team uses C#,.NET, SWIFT, Linux, and macOS technologies to work on various projects ranging from building private networks to antivirus and more.

8 open positions

Engineering Leadership

The Engineering Leadership department puts all effort into creating and maintaining the most robust products and services that meet the users' needs. High-level direction, long-term technical strategy, and interaction with other departments on legal, financial, and other matters are primary responsibilities. In addition, leaders act as mentors and coaches, educate their people, speak at conferences, and contribute to developing various unique solution designs and strategies.

3 open positions


This department consists of Accounting, Finance Control and Analytics teams. They are responsible for high-level financial tasks: recording and reporting the cash flow transactions, preparing financial statements, and conducting audits and controls. Additionally, all this data helps the teams make future economic trends forecasts.

3 open positions


The Frontend department aims to make the visual parts of a website or a mobile app functional. Thinking from the client's perspective and taking designs from UI and UX designers helps them create outstanding user experiences. They deal with both B2C and B2B products, and the primary tool they use is JavaScript (React).

18 open positions

Human Resources

The primary goal of a vast Human Resources department (50+ people) is to assure the success of current and future employees while also fostering community development. They create a like-minded and diverse culture, communicate key values, and assist employee performance by putting these ideas into practice daily.

5 open positions


The Infrastructure department consists of six teams: Low Level, Infra SRE, Infra Procurement, Infrastructure, Network Engineering, and VPN QoS. These teams take complex issues and create unique solutions. Their key objectives are to affect and track change, give front-line support, and deliver software-defined solutions. C, C++, Rust, Golang, C#, and.NET are among the technologies they use.

15 open positions


The Marketing department consists of more than twenty different teams with specific areas: Brand Image, Marketing Data, SEO / Paid / Retail, Retention, Performance Marketing, Mobile, ORM, Marketing Operations, CRO, and Country Management. Collaborations amongst teams are a crucial aspect of their work. Their goal is to attract more users and satisfy the current ones.

35 open positions


The Mobile department believes in constant improvement and innovation, so they take the initiative to refine all products at every stage. They actively participate in all phases of development with other teams to obtain the best outcomes, from the simplest UI elements to game-changing features. They code in Kotlin codebases or SWIFT databases, develop and manage UI component libraries, and use and update SDKs with the help of a team of Developers, Designers, a QA Lead, and a Product Owner.

37 open positions

Product Design

The Product Design department oversees the entire product development process or upgrades the existing product designs. By identifying and characterizing the issues, they emphatically design solutions, scaling from technical to human-centered methods.

3 open positions

Quality Assurance

The QA department assures the software product's quality and efficient performance. They conduct inspections to validate quality requirements to customers, management, certifiers, and other stakeholders.

8 open positions


Four teams make up the Risk department: Risk Management, Security Operations, Application Security, and Security Product. The team creates scripts and security automation tools to enhance application security testing processes, performs application security scanning with SAST/DAST tools, ensures that mobile/desktop applications are sufficiently tested, and assists with internal and external audits.

6 open positions


Five teams make up the Sales department: Direct Sales, Indirect Sales, Sales Operations, Account Management, and Retention. Their main goal is to meet the organization's sales objectives. To make that happen, they always have to keep up with the latest sales trends and technology, implementing them into their daily work and interconnecting with each other for better results.

9 open positions