Stress-free travel with Nord Security’s new eSIM – Saily

Éanna Motherway

May 21, 2024


Picture the scene: After a long flight, you arrive in a distant land. Dragging your suitcase through the airport terminal, you notice the long lines at the SIM card booths. It might be a while before you can explore the city. There's got to be a better way, you think…

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After months of behind-the-scenes development, Nord Security unveiled Saily, a new eSIM product designed with travelers and explorers in mind. We’re bringing our expertise in user-friendly, powerful cybersecurity tools to an everyday product that simplifies travel, reduces environmental impact, and avoids unexpected roaming costs for our customers. 

So let’s explore the what and why of Saily:

What are SIMs?

  • SIM is an acronym for Subscriber Identity Module, a key part in mobile devices that identifies and authenticates users.

  • The traditional SIM card is a microprocessor chip on a removable plastic card placed inside the phone.

  • SIM cards are preprogrammed and distributed by phone plan carriers to identify customers and allow them to connect to the mobile network.

  • If a customer changes carriers, they have to swap out SIMs manually. 

What are eSIMs?

  • Short for ‘embedded SIM’. 

  • An eSIM is a memory chip (processing is moved to the phone) placed on a card built into your phone. Not removable.

  • User and subscription information is stored on eSIMs, but users can manage and replace their profiles as needed.

  • An eSIM, therefore, is the more digitized, flexible evolution of traditional SIMs. Imagine a digital vs. physical ticket or boarding pass.

4 reasons Saily is the best eSIM for travelers

With the technical stuff out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the main user advantages of eSIMs, and why Saily is the best pick for explorers and adventurers in need of speedy internet access.

Effortless installation & support

No more poking paper clips into your SIM card slot. With Saily, you'll be able to smoothly change or add phone plans by scanning a QR code or following a simple app. No need to juggle between multiple SIMs while on the go. Saily also offers round-the-clock support, in the unlikely case you run into any activation issues. We’re here to help, 24/7 – whether you’re on the beach in Brazil or the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo.

Smooth travel and connectivity

With Saily, users can find the best data plans in over 150 countries – and enjoy easy and safer internet access wherever they go. Buy your plan in advance, and you’ll avoid any surprise roaming charges that sneak up on you as you get accustomed to your new surroundings. You’re connected from the moment you land. No need to line up in the airports either, just head straight for your hotel or hit the streets!

Reduced environmental impact

The difference in environmental impact is huge. Currently, approximately 4.5 billion plastic SIM cards are manufactured every year. According to a 2022 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), “eSIM technology scored 46 percent lower in carbon emissions when compared to traditional SIM cards. While the production of a traditional SIM emits a reported 229g CO2 equivalent through all of its life cycle phases (production, transport, usage, end device hardware and End of Life), an eSIM emits only 123g CO2 equivalent.”

More security when traveling

It’s common knowledge: using public Wi-Fi is risky. Add in the stress and fatigue that comes with travel, and people easily become forgetful or careless when it comes to security. According to recent studies published by Forbes Advisor, 40% of individuals have experienced a breach in their online security while accessing public Wi-Fi networks while traveling. 

Of course, a VPN is already a powerful protective layer if you’re connecting to a public network. But as Vykintas Maknickas, Head of Product Strategy at Nord Security, puts it: “When traveling, you want to have continuous access to the internet, but that’s not always easy. Even if there’s a coffee shop nearby with an open Wi-Fi network, you don’t want to risk exposing your device to a network you’re not sure is secure. Saily will ensure you don’t need to use public Wi-Fi networks that you don’t trust to access the internet.”

Are you inspired by innovation and the challenge of connecting the world? Engineers, designers, QAs, marketers – join the Saily crew in building technology that enables reliable, consistent internet access to travelers and explorers worldwide. Check out our open positions here.