NordTech: Berlin AppSec Meetup recap

Katrina Gnatek

December 13, 2023

This Autumn, our meetup with the Berlin Application Security community offered a glimpse into some cutting-edge topics in the field. AppSec is increasingly crucial for defending applications from the ever-present threat of malware and hacking attacks.

a group of smiling appsec specialists at the meetup

Here's a brief summary of the Nord Security talks. You'll find links to the full videos as well.

Who downloads your NPM package? Research about NPM public registry bots and scrapers

from Rokas Tiškus

Rokas investigates suspicious bots that scrape packages on Node Package Manager (NPM), the world’s largest software registry. Developers can publish and share JavaScript software using NPM, but what could be driving bots to download this useful information…? Watch on to uncover the methods, patterns, and potential motives behind this dubious activity.

Watch Rokas’s talk on NPM bots

The state of MQTT: IoT’s favored messaging protocol

from Kasparas Bražėnas

Kasparas assesses the state of MQTT, “The Standard for IoT Messaging”. Citing security concerns raised as far back as 2016, he weighs up the protocol in its current form to see if improvements have been made. Tune in for a look at the global MQTT server landscape and persistent risks. Also, some essential tips for securing your ownMQTT environment.

Watch Kasparas’s talk on the state of MQTT

photos from the meetup

NordTech AppSec meetup

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