Announcement on Atlas VPN

March 25, 2024

Atlas VPN, a valued member of the Nord Security family, has made the decision to conclude its services on April 24. 

Announcment AtlasVPN

Atlas VPN was established with the goal of offering secure, accessible, and user-friendly VPN services. Despite its unwavering dedication and the remarkable support from AtlasVPN’s community, the challenges posed by advancing technologies, a competitive market, and the rising costs of maintaining high-quality services have led to this difficult but necessary decision.

The conclusion of Atlas VPN's journey marks a significant moment for both Atlas VPN and Nord Security. We extend our gratitude to the Atlas VPN team for their dedication to online privacy and security. Their efforts have made a lasting impact on their users and the cybersecurity community.

Recognizing the importance of continuous and secure online protection for Atlas VPN users, we are facilitating their smooth transition to NordVPN. NordVPN’s mission aligns closely with that of Atlas VPN, and we are excited to welcome Atlas users into the NordVPN family. We believe that through NordVPN, Atlas VPN users will experience enhanced online security, privacy, and freedom.

To the Atlas VPN community, we thank you for your trust, support, and for being part of an important mission to make the internet a safer place. As we transition to this next chapter with NordVPN, we are committed to providing you with exceptional service, ensuring the utmost security and privacy online.

Warmest regards,

The Nord Security Team

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