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The Sales department generates revenue and powers our organization forward. We keep up with the latest sales trends and technology, incorporate them into our daily work, and keep in touch with each other for better results.

Main Responsibilities

  • Execute Outreach Campaigns: create and execute outbound research campaigns aimed at engaging potential B2B customers.
  • Multi-channel Outreach: reach out to prospects through a combination of personalized calls and emails. Effectively qualify leads and manage both outbound and inbound business opportunities. Ensure a smooth transition of qualified leads to the sales pipeline.
  • Pipeline Management: consistently update and maintain the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to accurately reflect the sales pipeline. Follow up on existing leads and opportunities to ensure a healthy and active sales funnel.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: collaborate closely with Account Executives and team members to align efforts, share insights, and collectively drive B2B sales initiatives forward. Contribute actively to team targets, KPIs, and overall sales objectives.
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement: stay updated with industry trends, sales techniques, and product knowledge. Implement feedback loops to improve personal performance and contribute to team success.
  • Reporting and Analysis: generate regular reports and analyze key sales metrics to identify areas for improvement. Use data-driven insights to optimize sales strategies and increase overall effectiveness.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: be adaptable and flexible in response to changing market conditions, customer needs, and organizational goals. Embrace innovation and new approaches to sales outreach and strategy.

Core Requirements

  • Experience and/or Aspiration in Technology Sales: previous experience in technology sales is valued, but a strong desire and enthusiasm to work in this field are equally important. The role demands a fundamental understanding of tech products/services and the capacity to articulate their value to potential clients.
  • Sales, Communication, and Negotiation Skills: a proven track record or a demonstrated ability to excel in sales roles is what we are looking for.
  • Strong Interpersonal and Team Collaboration Skills: building rapport with team members and clients is vital. Collaboration fosters synergy within the team and enables a collective effort toward achieving common sales goals. Exceptional customer service skills ensure positive interactions and foster long-term client relationships.
  • Effective Time Management and Analytical Skills: managing time efficiently is essential to juggle multiple tasks, prioritize effectively, and meet deadlines. Analytical skills help in interpreting data, assessing performance, and making informed decisions to optimize sales strategies.
  • Proficient Telephone Etiquette and Tech Literacy: having a professional phone manner is crucial for successful sales calls. Proficiency in computer literacy, including CRM systems and sales software, aids in managing and tracking customer interactions effectively.
  • Excellent Communication in German and English: proficiency in both written and spoken German and English is indispensable.

Bonus Points For

  • Experience in using CRM tools (SalesForce).

Tools You Will Use

  • SalesForce.
  • SalesLoft.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Jira.

Salary Range

  • Gross Salary 8300 - 13700 PLN/Month +VAT (B2B) + Performance Bonuses
  • Gross Salary 8300 - 13700 PLN/Month + Performance Bonuses (employment)

Data Handling

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After you apply

Our recruitment process differs depending on specific positions and/or hiring teams. However, it tends to include the following three main stages and usually doesn’t exceed any more than five steps.

Step 1.

Get to know

The goal of the first step is to get to know each other better. So during that, we talk more about the role and ask you to share your story.

Step 2.

Technical evaluation

We test each applicant's technical knowledge and problem-solving ability through various assessments.

Step 3.

Meet the team

The final step is for you to meet the team, discuss your task, and dig deeper into the role you’re applying for. If everyone’s happy with the result, the closing step will be the offer.

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