Senior Data Scientist (Threat Intelligence team)

Warsaw, Poland


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Our Threat Intelligence team is dedicated to providing accurate and timely information on potential threats to our products. Our team of skilled professionals from various fields, including Data Science, Malware Research, Development, and Privacy, are focused on achieving a common goal by utilizing feeds, heuristics, algorithms, and machine learning.

Main Responsibilities

  • Design solutions to problems while researching, debugging, and analyzing data using different data sources;
  • Create scalable & reliable code, as well as write documentation for the parts that you’ve contributed to or explored;
  • Research, develop & deliver data science solutions to production;
  • Develops custom ML metrics that would help to monitor model performance;
  • Analyze validation/testing results, explain them, and improve model design accordingly;
  • Plan the deliverables with the team members;
  • Code reviews;
  • Constant communication about the progress;
  • Mentoring & knowledge sharing;
  • Suggest improvements to current solutions.

Core Requirements

  • Proven experience in data science and/or mathematical modeling;
  • Solid knowledge of statistics (e.g., Monte Carlo, hypothesis testing, bootstrap, Bayesian inference);
  • In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in machine learning algorithms: linear regression, random forest, gradient boosted trees, neural networks, k-means, etc.;
  • Proficiency in Python and hands-on experience with the PyData stack (e.g., Pandas, Numpy, matplotlib) for analytics/machine learning;
  • Excellent problem-solving skills (researching, debugging, instrumentation);
  • Ability to break down and prioritize work, make informed decisions about which tools and algorithms to use for specific problems;
  • Team-driven mentality and ability to collaborate with other colleagues, as well as ownership;
  • Willingness to explore, grow and mentor others while keeping up with the latest innovations in data science.

Salary Range

  • Monthly gross salary from 16819 to 29727 PLN.

After you apply

Our recruitment process differs depending on specific positions and/or hiring teams. However, it tends to include the following three main stages and usually doesn’t exceed any more than five steps.

Step 1.

Get to know

The goal of the first step is to get to know each other better. So during that, we talk more about the role and ask you to share your story.

Step 2.

Technical evaluation

We test each applicant's technical knowledge and problem-solving ability through various assessments.

Step 3.

Meet the team

The final step is for you to meet the team, discuss your task, and dig deeper into the role you’re applying for. If everyone’s happy with the result, the closing step will be the offer.

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